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Mechanical Insulation

We are the original green technology. Many Insulators 24 Contractors have been saving the United States and Canada energy for over one hundred years. No other technology can boast the results offered by mechanical insulation. No other group of contractors can offer the highly skilled labor for installation and project management that is offered by Insulators Local 24. Paybacks on steam systems in four to twelve months are not unusual. This has been our story for over 100 years. Our Contractors know how to make this work for you.

Maryland Energy Administration – Mechanical Insulation Installation Grant Program
The State of Maryland has passed a Grant program to save 30% of the total amount of qualified expenses paid or incurred by the the applicant or $20,000.00. Click Here to read the bill

The Original Green Technology
Many Insulators 24 Contractors employ individuals who have successfully completed the National Insulation Association Insulation Energy Appraisal Program ( A mechanical insulation energy audit can show how mechanical insulation can save energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money.

Insulators Local 24 offers highly skilled, safety trained, drug tested, and ready to work employees who can perform all tasks relating to mechanical insulation in your facility. Our members have been trained for many years to perform all facets of this specialty trade. Our contractors and their employees can perform mechanical insulation in commercial, industrial, institutional, hospital, and high-rise facilities.

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